Coaching Opportunities

Bonny has had the honor of working with leaders to support their life and business. She has several coaching opportunities to help you achieve your vision. We are all leader of living our best life, be the CEO of yours!

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Business Strategy Coaching

Bonny has great success coaching executives to develop business strategies and coaching to develop implementation plans to achieve their vision.  Bonny’s 35 years of business leadership and experience as a CFO, COO and CEO provides a unique opportunity for you.

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Best Self Coaching

Bonny has great success coaching leaders of their own life with developing a vision for their life.  The power is integrating your vision with your leadership role in the external world.  A leader who leads their own inner operating system ( mind, body and emotions) can have a larger impact on their families, teams or business.

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Group Leadership Coaching

Bonny has experience with facilitating groups to support each other with achieving their visions. Are you looking for peers to network with and learn together? The group coaching session are a combination of best self and business coaching. You work together in monthly virtual meetings on building your vision for your self and your business.

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Whole-Life Leader

Mastering Whole-Life Leadership

Bonny teaches and coaches the Mastering Whole-Life Leadership program in the Saratoga Springs, NY region. The positive psychology practices taught in this program will transform your life. There are four half day workshops and two one on one coaching sessions to integrate the practices into your life with a plan.

Community Care, We Care Program

Bonny conducts workshops supporting the patients with managing change by using positive psychology techniques.