What practice supports your best self?

December 4, 2018Are you living your best life?, Discover Joy, Live your best life

  Everyday is an opportunity to make choices to be our best self. Which practice supports your vision for yourself? I have enjoyed practicing Martin Seligman’s PERMA check-in my daily activities. The theory of wellbeing has five elements: P=Positive emotions E=Engagement R=Relationships M=Meaning A=Achievement PERMA practice is checking in on all five elements, How am … Read More

People want to be seen, heard and understood!

April 13, 2018Discover Joy, Live your best life

I keep climbing in my awareness of a basic principle in communication.  In the late 1990’s I attended a class on communication which introduced me to a fundamental lesson about basic human needs; people want to be seen, heard and understood. Once I embraced this as the basis for every conversation,  I then learned successful communication … Read More

Spring 2017

March 22, 2017Discover Joy, Live your best life

Happiness is a state of activity. Aristotle As we move into spring and enjoy this beautiful weather it is hard not to move or act.  Aristotle’s quote is a good reminder to keep yourself active doing things which bring us JOY. Spring cleaning helps to sweep out the cobwebs in your home and in your … Read More

Hello world!

January 21, 2017Discover Joy, Empower your life, Live your best life

Welcome to Why am I working so hard!  As you look at this summit what do you see?  The peak or the trail to get to the peak.  Do you see the sun hitting the summit and the beautiful blue sky? This blog will be about all of the views in this pic, the dark canyon … Read More