Practicing Gratitude

November 3, 2018Are you living your best life?, gratitude

  Happy day 3 of Whole-Life Leader 30 days gratitude challenge….. Gratitude is a tool we devote time to in the Mastering Whole-Life Leadership program. The program has several positivity psychology tools introduced to the participants and the program is 6 months long to give time to practice. Practicing is essential to mastering any new skill and … Read More

Morning Gratitude

November 2, 2018Are you living your best life?

Have you ever started your day with a big gratitude stretch in your bed? Try it! Gratitude is a great way to approach each new day.  You can wake up to a big stretch, which feels awesome all by itself. Adding a gratitude practice when you finish the stretch allows your brain to be in … Read More

When have you been triggered?

September 30, 2018Empower your life, Live your best life

“The trigger is a result of a perceived threat to your well-being, sense of safety or you’re worth.” -unknown I can relate to this quote, there are times in my life when I was like popcorn with my triggers. Now that I found this quote, I can understand all three were being threatened in my … Read More

Mastering Whole-Life Leadership

April 15, 2018Empower your life

Leaders balance many priorities. Typically, day-to-day tasks get pushed to the top of the list which leaves self and interpersonal development at the bottom. However, those that prioritize development reap the benefits. Leaders that take the time to explore their mind, emotions and body: -are less stressed and healthier. -experience a 20-39% increased satisfaction in all … Read More

People want to be seen, heard and understood!

April 13, 2018Discover Joy, Live your best life

I keep climbing in my awareness of a basic principle in communication.  In the late 1990’s I attended a class on communication which introduced me to a fundamental lesson about basic human needs; people want to be seen, heard and understood. Once I embraced this as the basis for every conversation,  I then learned successful communication … Read More