I was raised on a dairy farm with a father who wanted us to pay attention.  It is important on a farm to look around and always know what was happening around you so you didn’t get hurt.  We always heard my Dad say “ take off your blinders!”  It was his advice to everything.

Wearing blinders or blinkers ( like a horse) was a joke to me, I thought for years that my Dad was the one wearing the blinders. I thought I always saw the world around me and I was aware of how to pay attention. It took me a long time to realize my Dad’s advice was more than just about the visual world. How I thought about the world needed to be adjusted, I need to understand how others viewed the world.

Understanding other’s interests and values helps you to be ethical in your decisions.  If you do not take off your blinders and you decided based on just your view of the world, you will be missing critical input.

Are you living your best life?  How would taking your blinders off help?